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J.B4Pets is a Dog Walking and Cat Feeding Service provided in the areas of Horsham & Southwater, West Sussex. With over 10 years of hands on experience in the industry, J.B4Pets provides a professional service, with a variety of walk options to suit the individual needs of your dog, such as small grouped dog walks (with a maximum of 3 dogs per group walk)...1-2-1 walks for the more sensitive dogs... slower & shorter walks for seniors...pop-in house visits for toilet breaks... and also puppy and cat feeding visits.The service aims to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your pet's needs including following any training programs the owners are currently undertaking that have been provided by an approved dog trainer/behaviourist. As the service provider, the welfare of all the pets I care for are of the upmost importance to me. I actively partake in continuous professional development courses to remain educated on their care & training, and I always go that "extra paw" to ensure they are happy during the walks and visits with me.

 J.B4Pets Service has...

* Public Liability Insurance with Pet Business Insurance *

* Regular DBS Checks *

* Over 10 Years Experience in dog walking *

* Low Group Walk Numbers (up to 3 dogs per walk) *

* First Aid Certificate Course Completion *

* Covid-19 Course Completion *

* Experience with aggressive/fear reactive dogs *

The service covers the following towns/villages...

Horsham, Broadbridge Heath,

Wickhurst Green, Highwood & Southwater.

JB4Pets offers the following services...


The small, grouped dog walks with a maximum of 3 dogs per walk lasting 45 minutes. Walk locations are varied to keep their minds stimulated and are carefully matched by their needs, temperament and social status.

Price: £10 per dog for 45 Minute Walk


For the aggressive/fear reactive dogs that can take place either from home or a suitable quiet location, lasting 30 minutes. Perfect for 1-2-1 training. Instructions can also be followed if approved by a qualified trainer/behaviourist.

Price: £16 per dog for 30 Minute Walk


Designed specially for the senior dogs who need a gentle stroll and house visit combination. This involves low distanced and paced walks to match their needs, lasting up to 20 minutes either from home or a suitable walk location that is appropriate for them. After the walk, surplus time is spent giving them cuddles and company whilst they rest. This is also ideal for normally healthy dogs who are currently ill/injured.

Price: £10 per dog for 30 minute walk/visit combo (with up to a 20 minute walk provided)


Puppy visits to break up their day, provide them with food, toilet breaks and all important company and playtime! The visits are also spent giving them a start on their essential socialisation and early training. Short walks from home are available once vaccinated and until their bones are fully grown, with the option to use the adult walks from the service later on if required. 

Price: £10 per 30 minute visit                                                                  


A simple pop-in visit to let adult dogs out to the toilet without a walk. Perfect option for dogs who are happily settled during the day while their owners are out. Each visit lasts 15 minutes where they are provided with company and given a biscuit if required. Meals can also be put down.

Price: £7 per 15 minute visit


For the cats and kittens! Each visit involves food and water replenished, litter trays cleaned out and petting time (if they approve of it). Household activities such as collecting post and opening/closing curtains is also available.

Price: £8 per 20 minute visit

* * *


The service aims to provide what is agreed where possible on the day as it's important all paws receive the proper care they need. However unexpected problems can occur that may result in walks/visits starting late or unavoidably cancelled such as car breakdowns, but thankfully these incidents are very rare. If the service is having issues on the day you will be naturally informed and kept up to date of the situation as it develops. During periods of extreme weather, such as heatwaves, the service is automatically changed to ensure the welfare of the pets are maintained by offering house visits instead of walks. 


The biggest issue the service is currently being affected by is the on going Covid-19 pandemic.

To ensure the welfare of the pets are kept at a high standard, I have undertaken a Covid-19 Course and adapted the service to help keep you and your pet safe that includes...

  • Social Distancing, wearing face coverings and applying hand-sanitizer during visits.

  • Disinfecting surfaces touched in households when doing house visits and using my own leads
  • Walking dogs from suspected Covid households separately from other clients and at the end of the working day.

  • Wiping dogs down with a pet safe biodegradable, disposable wipe before and after walks from Covid suspected households.

  • Disinfecting the car crates, interior & exterior handles and driver controls between jobs and changing the crate bedding for the next client to use.

These measures are based on the guidelines that have been set out by the Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG) from 29th May 2020. Full document HERE. These measures will remain in place or be adapted for as long as required by government advice...or for as long as you feel the need for it for your own reassurance. 


There is currently at least one "Yappy Group Walk" happening each day. All other walks are being done from home where the summer weather allows. House visits are operating as normal whilst following the Covid guidelines above and on the agreement that the owner will be away from the home during the visit. If I am required to self isolate, then service will need to temporarily cease to keep all safe. For ease of mind it is extremely advisable for all clients to have an alternative back up plan for their pet, should they urgently require help if the service suddenly becomes unavailable for a short while.


Despite these Covid times spaces are available for new clients!

Consultations can still be carried out by special arrangement. 

Meeting the dog is still essential prior to service but this can be done in the Owner's garden where the dog can wonder freely in and out of the house to meet me whilst we can discuss your requirements through a window or similar. Paperwork is required to be filled out, including the Veterinary Release Form, which are prepared well in advance of the consultation. 

The service covers the following towns/villages...

Horsham, Broadbridge Heath,

Wickhurst Green, Highwood & Southwater

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I'm originally from Surrey, and, despite growing up with dogs in the beautiful Surrey Hills, I discovered there was more to learn from them then I ever thought possible from just being an owner. After jumping through shop jobs when I left school, I soon found work with them and it was immediately an enjoyable and rewarding experience to be part of their lives. Over the years I've come across many different characters, each dog being so unique with their personalities and life experiences.

I grew fascinated by how they think, make decisions and communicate to each other as well as us. And after working with dogs who suffered mental and physical traumas in their past, I not only became even more intrigued by how their behaviour was reflected by it, but an increasing passion had grown to help them overcome their issues. To enhance my career further to fulfill this, I started undertaking professional development courses, the most current course being a Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour, run by the British College of Canine Studies (a Pet Education, Training & Behaviour Council accredited course - PETbc). My unit passes have all been distinctions and I am soon to become a qualified behaviour practitioner on completion this year with the long term aim to become an approved member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA). Choosing a career with dogs is without a doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made all those years ago, and I'm excited to see how that career grows in the coming decades.


Business Hours are...

Mondays to Fridays

9am - 5pm

* * *

The service is currently closed at weekends and public holidays.

If you require a weekend service please get in touch to see if special arrangements can be made.


Contact Jen on 07920162784

Email: [email protected]

(Available on Whatsapp & Messenger)

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