Temporarily Closed

With regret, this service is currently unavailable due to ongoing health complications following a virus back in the summer. My sincere apologies to all. I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for all the ongoing support and well wishes from my clients. You really are the best! 

Miss you all and hopefully fingers crossed I'll be back soon. 

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Jenny Brown 



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Business Hours are...

Mondays to Fridays CLOSED

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J.B4Pets provides a professional dog walking service in the areas of Horsham & Southwater, West Sussex. With over 10 years of experience, the service provides a variety of options to suit the individual needs of your dog inclusive of group walks, solo walks, pop-in toilet breaks and a tailored walk or house visit to suit seniors, puppies and injured dogs. With many existing clients also owning cats, the service can provide cat feeding visits too! Every pet I've ever worked with is unique in terms of needs and personalities, and I aim to provide them with the very best care I can. I'm only happy if your pet is happy too, and I work conscientiously to help you and your pet receive the best care possible. 

I am delighted to announce I am now a Level 4 qualified Behaviour Practitioner with the British College of Canine studies (BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv- Distinction) which has proved immensely beneficial to my clients who use the service. I am continuing my education to become a Canine Behaviourist by partaking in further Continuous Professional Development courses, with the most recent courses including a Level 3 Health & Nutrition course with the British College of Canine Studies...and a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Applied Canine Behaviour with Compass Education (a course approved by the the Animal Behaviour & Training Council).

J.B4Pets has...

  • Experience with aggressive & fear reactive dogs
  • Small Group Walk Numbers (up to 3 dogs per walk)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Annual DBS Checks
  • First Aid Certificate Course completed
  • Covid-19 Course completed

Services on offer...

Yappy Group Walks

This is the small, grouped dog walks with a maximum of 3 dogs per walk lasting 45 minutes. Walks take place at varied locations to keep them habituated with the natural environment. Some walks may take place in urban areas as well as parks and fields to help stimulate their minds with all the different smells. The dogs chosen to walk together are carefully matched by their needs, temperament, social status and energy, often forming life long friendships with each other. Dogs may come off lead where it is safe to do so if written permission is granted by the owner.

Price: £12 per dog for 45 Minute Walk

Sensitive Solo Walks

A perfect walk option for the aggressive/fear reactive dogs, that can take place either from home or a suitable quiet location, lasting 45 minutes. Tailored training programmes that primarily use reward based training and minimal pain free punishment techniques by a Level 5 or higher qualified trainer or behaviourist can be followed in these sessions. Some problems require an in depth owner-dog relationship analysis which you will be highly encouraged to seek from a fully qualified behaviourist if required.

Price: £20 per dog for 45 Minute Walk

Golden Dog Short Walks

Designed specially for the senior dogs who need a gentle stroll and house visit combination. This involves low distanced and paced walks to match their needs, lasting up to 20 minutes either from home or a suitable walk location that is appropriate for them. After the walk, surplus time is spent giving them cuddles and company whilst they rest. This session is also ideal for normally healthy dogs who are currently ill/injured or have life long health issues affecting their ability to walk.

Price: £10 per dog for 30 minute walk/visit combo (with up to a 20 minute walk provided)

Playful Pups House Visits

Puppy visits to break up their day, provide them with food, toilet breaks and all important company and playtime! It is recommended that two visits take place where an owner is out all day. The visits are also spent giving them a start on their essential socialisation and early training too. Short walks from home are available once vaccinated and until their bones are fully grown, with the option to use the adult walks from the service later on if required. 

Price: £10 per 30 minute visit

Pop-In Visits

A simple pop-in visit to let adult dogs out to the toilet without a walk. A perfect option for dogs who are happily settled during the day while their owners are out with no separation anxiety issues. Each visit lasts 15 minutes where they are given access to the garden for toileting, are provided with company and given a biscuit if required. Meals can also be provided if pre-prepared by the owner.
Price: £7 per 15 minute visit

Little Furbabies House Visits

For the cats and kittens! Each visit involves food and water replenished, litter trays cleaned out and petting time (if they approve of it). Household activities such as collecting post and opening/closing curtains are also available.

Price: £8 per 20 minute visit


The service uses an unmarked car to transport dogs to and from walks. The car is air conditioned, fully insured, has a valid MOT, is serviced regularly, has national breakdown cover and is equipped with a front dash camera. A rear dash camera is also used pending on how the dogs travel in the boot. All dogs from separate households travel on their own in the boot or in a crate. In most circumstances dogs from the same household can tolerate travelling together though individual spaces are available for them if required.

Covid-19 Friendly

The biggest issue the service is currently being affected by is the on going Covid-19 virus. To ensure the welfare of the pets are kept at a high standard, I have undertaken a pet focused Covid-19 Course and adapted the service to help keep you and your pet safe which includes social distancing, face coverings, hand sanitizers, using my own leads, wiping down the crates in the car with a pet safe cleaner and changing the bedding between clients. Clients who suspect they have Covid-19 are kindly asked to inform me so arrangements can be made to walk their dog separately if required. 

Changes During Service

The service aims to provide what is agreed where possible on the day as it's important all paws receive the proper care they need. However unexpected problems can occur that may result in walks/visits starting late or unavoidably cancelled such as car breakdowns, but thankfully these incidents are very rare. If the service is having issues on the day you will be naturally informed and kept up to date of the situation as it develops. During periods of extreme weather, such as heatwaves, the service is automatically changed to ensure the welfare of the pets are maintained by offering house visits instead of walks.

New Clients Are Welcome!

Please get in touch with me to check for availability. Meeting you and your dog is essential before the service can begin to find out all about you both. If necessary we can go for a walk together if your dog is unsure of strangers, and the very first booked session will be a combination of a house visit with a solo walk from home, or a short trip in the car, so your dog can get to know me. For dogs who struggle with the car or strangers, I can provide some basic reward based, force-free training using counter conditioning and/or desensitising techniques to help build their confidence. More then one of these sessions can be arranged until your dog is happy with me. The Insurance, DBS, First Aid and Qualification certificates will be shown during the consultation. Paperwork is also required to be filled out, which includes the Veterinary Release Form should I need to take your dog to the vet in my care.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please contact Jenny... 

Tel: 07920162784

Email: [email protected]

(Also available on Whatsapp & Messenger)